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Mission Trip to Kerala, India – September 2009

Kenath Verghese

Kenath Verghese

Interview with Kenath Verghese

I heard you went to India recently, why?
I received a Macedonian call like Paul from the missions’ director, Raymond Seow, to consider going to Kerala to teach in the Bible school. My heart always devoted to the call of God and I responded yes without any hesitation. I went with my daughter Hannah for one week in September.

So, what did you do there?
There was a gathering of about 40 pastors and evangelists either graduates from the college or current students, many from the north of India where they endure many problems and persecution by Hindu fundamentalists. Our church’s contribution in getting these pastors’ out for a time out is like an extension of the FGA’s IPIN ministry By the grace of God, I ministered the revelation of God’s word in the Bible school and preached in the night time crusade meetings. We prayed for the sick, the needs and prophesied over the people. Hectic and busy schedule and God protected my voice to last the duration.

Kenath welcome

Pastor Mophet, founder of Harvest Ministries International, making Kenath feel welcome

What was your main message?
The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and forceful men will take hold of it. Not anyone or everyone but one who is going to be forceful in walking in the truth of God’s word. Living out a life in truth in every aspect of our lives is the key in advancing the kingdom of God. Our motivation has to be pure, not to advance our personal ministry but the agenda is the kingdom of God. We need to become a true friend of God so that we can hear His voice and God sharing His will with us. The Principal of the Bible School, Pastor Mophet, said in his address that he was very appreciative and moved towards the end of the training, to take up the challenges of God’s revealed words.

What meant most to you about the trip? To witness the sincerity and the passion for the gospel in the pastors who have come from the field was overwhelming. The pastors continue to be faithful to God, despite death starring them in the face, being persecuted and hunted down as wild animals and having to run into the jungle to take refuge from the Hindu militants. Some lost everything except the clothes on their back, and many lost their homes for the cause of Christ.

Rallies were held in the evenings

Rallies were held in the evenings

It was great to witness the continued flow of tears during the sessions and testimony of the pastors of how the revelation of God’s Words impacted them was a real emotional time. The Holy Spirit moved in His own sovereign way.

The time together was a real refreshing time, coming back to the home base to appreciate the love and care and to be encouraged with God’s Word in His presence. It many cases the pastors had to travel between 4 to 7 days from their cities and ministry fields. Their commitment to the call of God knows no limitations or boundaries.

Sharing with pastors
Sharing with pastors

In the personal setting, the fruit of our missions giving to the individual pastors was very evident. Our personal financial giving is vital as we co labor and lend our hands to the plough. Our rewards are not temporary, but will be seen in eternity.

What thoughts would you like to leave us with?
Many pastors appealed with tears for prayers for their individual ministry fields so that God’s grace will continue to lead and shield them. Their willingness to die for the sake of the gospel challenges my heart and commitment.

All the pastors

Kenath with all the pastors, evangelists and students


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