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Note of Thanks – 2009 Thailand Mission Team

It has been an exciting, rewarding and God-filled 10 days! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We hope that you will be blessed from reading about our trip. If you would like to know more about the trip, please feel free to approach anyone of us in the 2009 Thailand Missions Team. We would like to especially thank the following people for making this trip such an eventful one:

Nelson and Maryanne: For being such wonderful hosts and giving us exposure by having a glimpse of missionaries’ lives. For showing us that God moves through your faith and your love for the people in Thailand

FGAM Pastoral Team: For challenging us to take that bold leap of faith and for constantly encouraging us to model our lives after Jesus

Prayer Ministry: For constantly upholding us in prayer 

Missions Ministry: For your spiritual guidance and for supporting our trip. Special thanks to Uncle Raymond and Auntie Julie for your training sessions on missions and for equipping us with the knowledge and wisdom to embark on this journey.

FGAM Congregation:  For your support in our fundraising luncheon and for your generous donations towards this trip

Prue: For educating us on Compassion’s programs

Mink: For helping us overcome the language barriers between us and Project TH422

Project TH422: For your hospitality and dedication in building up believers in young children

Thank you very much for everything!

God bless, 2009 Thailand Mission Team


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Thailand Trip – 21 Dec 2009, Monday

Today marks the last day of our mission trip. Before heading off to the airport, we met two Leadership Development Program (LDP) students for lunch. LDP students are University students sponsored under the Compassion program.

Over lunch, we chatted with the students about their dreams and aspirations. One of them is a nursing student who has been under Compassion sponsorship since young. She shared her testimony on how the Compassion program has brought her to Jesus, and subsequently resulted in her mother’s salvation. Even though the nursing pay in Bangkok is much more attractive, she wants to work in her village and contribute to the healthcare of people in her hometown.

The other LDP student is in the Engineering faculty. He is one of the only Christians in his University. However, his faith has kept him away from the temptations of drugs and violence, a problem that persists amongst many of his peers. Everyday, he faces the fear of being beaten up by other students but his faith has kept him strong. He told us that this would not have been possible if not for Jesus. He hopes to be the light in his university and through his faith and love manifested into actions, to eventually bring his friends and coursemates to know Jesus. He also wants to work in his hometown and improve the infrastructure of houses in the slum areas.

Our God is truly an amazing God. He provides for those who yearn to show others the beauty of His kingdom. He rewards those who are humble. Like these LDP students, we have to humble ourselves before God and seek His glory in order to be the light of this world. We are incredibly blessed to hear the testimonies of these two humble servants of God and we pray that they will persist in their attitude of obedience in seeking God’s plans.

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