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Philippines Trip – Thank You

All glory to God for the wonderful time of fruitful ministry in Manila  and many thanks once again to all of you for supporting us with your prayers back at home in Melb. Without your prayers none of this could have happened.

God bless, Philpines Mission Trip Team


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Philippines Trip – 25 April 2010, Sunday

Ninth day of the Philippines Mission Trip

It’s Sabbath today…..had devotions at 6.45a.m. before leaving for  church at 7.30a.m.to help decorate it for the Childrens’ Party after service. A good crowd of 200 over people which comprises mainly children and youth slowly gathered at the school ground for Sunday service. Daniel preached a short sermon and gave an altar call and many came forward for prayers. One whole family came to salvation plus others.

The youth under the leadership of David , Pastora’s son performed several modern dances for everyone. They had spiritually prepared themselves by fasting three days before the performance as part of their worship to God.

All the children primary age and below were led to say the sinners prayer by Pastora Gee’s Children Ministry team, Glenda and Gigi. They had fun playing games organized by Sue. Food packs were served , party pacts were distributed and every child/youth was laid hands on and prayed for and blessed by FGAM team.

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Philippines Trip – 24 April 2010, Saturday

Eighth day of the Philippines Mission Trip

Took some time to relax and had fun walking little stores that sold all kinds of merchandise before preparing for the Childrens’ Party the next day. One hundred gift bags were prepared by the team.

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Philippines Trip – 23 April 2010, Friday

Seventh day of the Philippines Mission Trip

Today, our ministry team and Pastora Gee’s ministry team (23 of us) went to the prayer mountain located 2 hours drive away from the church. Julie conducted a workshop on how to hear from God. We had a time of worship followed by the practical exercise of hearing from God.

Pastora Gee’s team got so excited that they heard from God with visions and revelations for the first time. Each of Pastora’s team members was prayed over .Both Pastora’s sons encountered God .

The Filipino team shared that they never knew prayer could be so exciting and planned to have it every week. During worship two members of FGAM team confirmed that there were many angels in the room. This was captured on camera.

Later on Pastora Gee shared that her ministry team and both her sons have been touched by God and have been tremendously transformed. Pastora Gee thanked the team for ministering to them and hope that future mission teams will be able to help them move to the next level  to  establish the church plant by Ps. Roland.

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Philippines Trip – 22 April 2010, Thursday

Sixth day of the Philippines Mission Trip

The day started with the team helping out with bible study in the cell groups that the four teams visited earlier on. Testimonies were shared during the cell meeting and team members prayed for the cell members. One of the groups prayed for baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were baptized .

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Philippines Trip – 21 April 2010, Wednesday

Fifth day of the Philippines Mission Trip

Today is the second day of the two day conference. Before the meeting during the team devotional time, Teck Fatt saw a vision of feathers raining down from heaven. Julie highlighted that Psalm 91:4 states “He will cover us with his feathers…” assured us that God will cover and protect us with His feathers when we minister. We had another session of highly anointed worship. Today there were less people than yesterday, perhaps about 130 attendees,mainly adults.

Today Julie talked about healing the land. She shared about what are the sins of the land, what are the curses or consequences of these sins. She taught about repentance and redemption, Julie taught the people how to close entry points from demonic infestations. An altar call was made in the area of repenting from sexual sins. It was the glory of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit that gave the participants courage to step forward out as Julie gave the challenge to break free from sexual sins. That was a divine move for the participants to respond as most of the people attending are either pastors, church leaders or church workers. Again many of them wept and were touched and healed by God.

The ministry continued with the teaching on healing of the land. Pastors were invited to represent the Philippine churches and identificational repentance was carried out. As a nation, the Philippines has been robbed in many ways. Sins against the Filipinos by the Australians, Malaysians, Singaporeans were confessed. The ministry team washed the pastors’ feet to represent the washing away of the past to make room for the new to be released.

The session followed by another prophetic act where the participants beginning with the pastors, were led to go through a fire tunnel to release revival fire of God in the land. As they walk through this tunnel of fire, the ministry team laid hands and prayed over each one. Some of the people cried as they walked through the tunnel, some had a hard time walking (literally have to drag their feet), one of them was slain and fell to the floor as she walk through.

Such a powerful anointing came upon Pastora Gee. She later shared that she felt electrified when she went under the fire tunnel . She has never experienced such strong impartation of the fire of God before.

The conference ended on a high note with participants celebrating with dance. It was such a joyous scene to see the freedom in the people to dance before God.

 We have received positive feedback from Pastora Gee and some church leaders will be incorporating this teaching and gentle ministry style into their church programs. There have been requests for similar conference to be held annually

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Philippines Trip – 20 April 2010, Tuesday

Fourth day of the Phillipines Mission Trip

Today is the commencement of the two day inter-church conference “Healing of the Nation” was arranged by Pastora Gee. There were about 150 people including a group of children who attended from various churches. The meeting was held at Victoria Christian Assembly (VCA). The worship was lead by the VCA worship team. It was fantastic, the Presence of God was so strong and tangible during the worship.

After worship, Julie went into a time of teaching. She mentioned that healing of the land begins with healing of individuals on the land. She taught about generational blessings and curses and when an altar call was made, the conviction of the Holy Spirit made more than half the attendees come up for prayer. As the ministry team ministered to these ones, majority of them wept and was touched and healed by God. After lunch, Julie shared about Father’s heart, again when altar called was made, majority of the people came out, again a lot of them wept and were touched and healed by God.

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