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Sarawak Mission Trip – 18, 19, 20th September

Update from FGAM Team, from Sibu Jaya, on 20th Sept 2010

Arriving in Sibu on Saturday night (18th September), the team came together at the house of the Iban Pastor, Pastor Semilan and Monica, of Sibu Jaya Baptist Church. During the prayer time that evening, the Lord gave a prophetic song in tongues, in which the interpretation being that God has not forgotten the people of Sibu. This was later reinforced with God’s beautiful painting in the sky (see photo below).  Encouraged by the Word, it was not long before the lights were out and the front room was filled with the six of us lying side by side. We were involuntarily serenaded all night with courtesy of the guys and the roosters in the morning.

On Sunday morning (19th September), we prepared for the Church service, where we joined in worship with 87 church members. Mary shared her testimony of how she came to know Christ after years of worshiping idols as part of her family tradition.  Megan then shared the Word of God from Matthew Chapter 2, where she spoke about being in the place where God wants you to be, trusting God where you are now and seeking His wisdom for the future decisions. Ministry time followed and many people’s needs were prayed for.

Despite the good response to the altar call, there was a sense of inability to breakthrough spiritually, in order for the Lord to move freely.   As we waited on the Lord in the evening, the sense for the people is akin to the scripture “These people come near to Me with their mouth and honour Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me “ (Isaiah 29:13a).

The Monday (20th September) morning worship, devotion and prayer for the Pastors Conference, increased our understanding to the weariness and hard ground that causes the local pastors to suffer significantly.  As the team ministers at the conference for the Baptist pastors, from both the local and surrounding districts, we appreciate prayer along the following lines…

  • Consecration of hearts to the Lord
  • Refreshment and encouragement for the local workers
  • Pray that we will share from our hearts and the messages will be well received
  • Trusting the Lord in full surrender and not to be bound by cultural expectations or religiosity
  • Humility against all forms of pride
  • Releasing the women to rise up in ministry

Thank you for investing in the Kingdom with us – Raymond Seow, Julie Seow, Ho Huei Jing, Mary Kee and Megan Griffith.


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