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Sarawak Mission Trip – 25, 26, 27th September

Update from FGAM Team on 27th Sept 2010, Monday

The mission team began their ministry in Kuching at the Christ Baptist Church, on Saturday afternoon (25th September). Julie and Mary lead the intercessory group of about 23 ladies into an understanding of Bridal intercession. It was a very meaningful time as they were able to minister to each person individually. During worship in the Spirit, one lady was healed of pain in the leg and she was then released to worship freely.

Meanwhile Raymond, Huei Jing and Megan met with Pastor Greman and a couple of the elders to talk about the possibility of development projects with the Iban. This was further developed that evening, as a dozen of the leaders gathered to discuss ideas, as to how the Iban can preserve their faith and culture, and enhance their position in society.

On Sunday (26th September), Raymond ministered his message of “The Peace of Christ” at both the 9 am and 12 noon Church services. Megan and Mary both had the opportunity to share their conversion testimonies and there was a good time of prayer ministry following the message. The team is now heading back to Kuala Lumpur tonight (27th September) and will be going their separate ways this week.

We received very positive feedback from the Baptist Mission Director, saying that it is such an encouragement when people come to visit, as it greatly encourages the leaders, and broadens the understanding of the kampung Iban (translation: rural Ibans) as they get a glimpse that the Kingdom of God is not just for them, but it also includes people from all nations – Chinese, Caucasians etc. We will continue to pray for God’s guidance and sustainment, as we look to future partnerships with the Iban people of Malaysia.

The team would like to thank all those who prayed and supported the mission trip. Without your prayers, a lot of what we achieved would not have been possible.


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