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Sarawak Mission Trip – 22 Sept 2012 update

22 Sept 2012

Under the humid and sweaty weather of Malaysia, the team set their feet on the tarmac of Sibu airport. It was a good 300 metres walk under the sun before reaching the covered air-conditioned terminal of  Sibu, a small town in Sarawak .

The team was quickly welcomed by 3 Iban pastors; Pastor Greman, Pastor Margaret and Pastor Semilan, who served as their guides and interpreters.

Pastor Margaret hurriedly took off with her team of four (Donato & Yolanda Larion , Benilda and Xue Ni) to their destination.

Pastor Greman and Pastor Semilan brought the rest for lunch at a nearby café “kopi tiam” for local noodles and drinks before the teams head for different directions.

Pas Greman brought Raymond & Julie Seow, Imie Cervantes, Catherine Nguang (City Life) and Rob Gates (Bayside City Church) to another town called Sarikei (1.5 hour car ride). They went to witness the officiating of the first longhouse childcare centre by the “Ketuai” (long house chief), Zone pastor and the executive Chairman of the National Iban speaking Christian group (GBJIKM). Special guests for the night were the SIL (Wycliffe associated group) and the Melbourne missions team.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and the presence of God. As you can see from the attached photos, the project was well received by the community as it provides a glimpse of hope to the young generation of the Iban.

It is such a joy to see various groups like the SIL and other Christian community working together in unity towards a kingdom building cause. It reminds us of the blessing that flows from the beard of Aaron in Psalms 133 when brothers dwell in unity.

Pas Semilan led the remaining 5 members from Melbourne consisting of Daniel (Leader) & Amely Wong, Reynaldo & Vangie Bracamante and Cecille Morales. They started off with a evening meeting at a local church not far from the airport. Early the next Sunday morning at 5.00am, with sleepy heads and weak bodies, they picked themselves up from the hard concrete floor of the church to board the express “sea-taxi” on a 3.5 hour ride to Song.

Please stay tuned for more!


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Missions trip to Sarawak and Manila 2012!!

Hi all, welcome back to our FGAM Missions Blog! Stay tuned as we bring you fresh updates from our team who are making their way to Sarawak and Manila this weekend 🙂

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