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Sarawak Mission Trip – 25, 26, 27th September

Update from FGAM Team on 27th Sept 2010, Monday

The mission team began their ministry in Kuching at the Christ Baptist Church, on Saturday afternoon (25th September). Julie and Mary lead the intercessory group of about 23 ladies into an understanding of Bridal intercession. It was a very meaningful time as they were able to minister to each person individually. During worship in the Spirit, one lady was healed of pain in the leg and she was then released to worship freely.

Meanwhile Raymond, Huei Jing and Megan met with Pastor Greman and a couple of the elders to talk about the possibility of development projects with the Iban. This was further developed that evening, as a dozen of the leaders gathered to discuss ideas, as to how the Iban can preserve their faith and culture, and enhance their position in society.

On Sunday (26th September), Raymond ministered his message of “The Peace of Christ” at both the 9 am and 12 noon Church services. Megan and Mary both had the opportunity to share their conversion testimonies and there was a good time of prayer ministry following the message. The team is now heading back to Kuala Lumpur tonight (27th September) and will be going their separate ways this week.

We received very positive feedback from the Baptist Mission Director, saying that it is such an encouragement when people come to visit, as it greatly encourages the leaders, and broadens the understanding of the kampung Iban (translation: rural Ibans) as they get a glimpse that the Kingdom of God is not just for them, but it also includes people from all nations – Chinese, Caucasians etc. We will continue to pray for God’s guidance and sustainment, as we look to future partnerships with the Iban people of Malaysia.

The team would like to thank all those who prayed and supported the mission trip. Without your prayers, a lot of what we achieved would not have been possible.


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Sarawak Mission Trip – 22, 23, 24th September

Back from the Longhouses

Update from FGAM Team on 24th Sept 2010, Friday

Before the trip to the longhouses, we had a night healing meeting at the Sibu Jaya Baptist Church (22nd September). It was a definite highlight of the trip so far. Raymond spoke on the types of peace that God gives, and people responded for ministry. As we ministered to the people, the power of the Holy Spirit broke through, and it was fantastic. Particularly, the youth were impacted, as God was greatly touching and healing deep brokenness. It was such a joy to see God move so wonderfully.

It is the padi planting season now. The following morning (23rd September), we went to bless Cikgu Barita, a church elder, as they planted the first rice seeds on a newly cleared section of land. It was an adventure for some, as the heavy rains the night before, presented us with challenges, especially to walk on the highly clay soil.

After a late brunch, we left for the long houses, which were about one hour away, on the river Rajang. We met Pastor Greman’s parents and revisited Rumah Ulu Kabar, traveling in a Sampan along the river. There we chatted to the adults, enjoyed freshly harvested coconuts and Elijah played with the children.

In the evening, we stayed at Rumah Saleh, a long house with 15 families. Here, about 45 of us met for the evening meal, followed by talks from Huei Jing and Raymond with Mary and Elijah sharing their testimonies. After the sharing, we ministered to the families that came forward for prayer. We were also encouraged to learn, that a lady had been healed after prayer by last year’s team.  Prior to prayer, she could not get up without two ladies helping her. After prayer, she was able to get up by herself, and more than one year later she is still fit and actively working in the rice field. Puji Tuhan! (English Translation: Praise God!)

Today (24th September), we fly to the capital of Sarawak, Kuching, for ministry with Pastor Greman at Christ Baptist Church. Julie will be teaching the intercessors and has requested prayer for them to enter the glory realm and experience the Holy of Holies, which is also a desire of the Senior Pastor’s heart. Please pray also that God will move in the Sunday service, where Raymond will once again share on the peace of God.

Thanks again for your interest in our trip and partnership in the gospel.

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Sarawak Mission Trip – 20, 21th September

Update from FGAM Team on 22nd Sept 2010, Tuesday afternoon

Monday (20th September 2010). It’s been a really encouraging time for us all. Rev Wong Kim Kong, a high profile advocate for the evangelical churches in Malaysia, was the guest speaker for the Baptist Pastors meeting that gathered at the Sibu Diocesan Pastors Centre. Rev Wong spoke about the vital importance of the church in Sarawak and how the church can rise up to meet the challenges of our times. We were very happy as the talk was exactly in line with what motivated the FGAM team to come to Sarawak in the first place!  And amazingly, Rev Wong changed his message to this topic while bathing just before the meeting! Praise God!  The following day he returned to his scheduled topic, speaking about the challenges of leadership and in the afternoon we held a workshop to discuss the specific difficulties faced by the pastoral delegates from around Sarawak including Kapit, Song, Sarikei, Roban, Debak, Sriaman, Kuching and Sibu.

Julie Seow shared on Monday evening, the importance of leaving a Godly legacy for the children. She highlighted the spiritual snares that prevent us from releasing our children fully to the purposes of the God. Julie’s speaking was followed by ministry time, after which a number of people testified as to how God touched them. One lady shared of her family’s heart conditions which took both her mother and father’s lives prematurely. Just recently she was also diagnosed with the same disease as her father and was having difficulty in breathing. During prayer she was touched by God and felt she had been healed as her breathing had returned to normal.  One humble man publically confessed the sins of his family, asking for God’s forgiveness with tears. It would be great to have more time to minister to the people, if we have the opportunity to return.

On Tuesday morning (21st September), Raymond Seow spoke on the Gospel of the Kingdom from a Biblical perspective, as well as shared a testimony from his life experience. In the evening, we will be speaking at the Sibu Jaya Baptist Church, where we will have a gospel healing meeting. Tomorrow, we will head to two long houses for an overnight stay before flying back to Kuching late Friday evening.

Thank you for your interest and partnership in the Kingdom, through prayers for the Iban. Feel free to encourage the team by sending an SMS to +60138473083.

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Sarawak Mission Trip – 18, 19, 20th September

Update from FGAM Team, from Sibu Jaya, on 20th Sept 2010

Arriving in Sibu on Saturday night (18th September), the team came together at the house of the Iban Pastor, Pastor Semilan and Monica, of Sibu Jaya Baptist Church. During the prayer time that evening, the Lord gave a prophetic song in tongues, in which the interpretation being that God has not forgotten the people of Sibu. This was later reinforced with God’s beautiful painting in the sky (see photo below).  Encouraged by the Word, it was not long before the lights were out and the front room was filled with the six of us lying side by side. We were involuntarily serenaded all night with courtesy of the guys and the roosters in the morning.

On Sunday morning (19th September), we prepared for the Church service, where we joined in worship with 87 church members. Mary shared her testimony of how she came to know Christ after years of worshiping idols as part of her family tradition.  Megan then shared the Word of God from Matthew Chapter 2, where she spoke about being in the place where God wants you to be, trusting God where you are now and seeking His wisdom for the future decisions. Ministry time followed and many people’s needs were prayed for.

Despite the good response to the altar call, there was a sense of inability to breakthrough spiritually, in order for the Lord to move freely.   As we waited on the Lord in the evening, the sense for the people is akin to the scripture “These people come near to Me with their mouth and honour Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me “ (Isaiah 29:13a).

The Monday (20th September) morning worship, devotion and prayer for the Pastors Conference, increased our understanding to the weariness and hard ground that causes the local pastors to suffer significantly.  As the team ministers at the conference for the Baptist pastors, from both the local and surrounding districts, we appreciate prayer along the following lines…

  • Consecration of hearts to the Lord
  • Refreshment and encouragement for the local workers
  • Pray that we will share from our hearts and the messages will be well received
  • Trusting the Lord in full surrender and not to be bound by cultural expectations or religiosity
  • Humility against all forms of pride
  • Releasing the women to rise up in ministry

Thank you for investing in the Kingdom with us – Raymond Seow, Julie Seow, Ho Huei Jing, Mary Kee and Megan Griffith.

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Sarawak Mission Trip – 18 to 27 September

Follow the Sarawak missions team as they minister to the Ibans of Sarawak, East Malaysia, from the 18th to 27th September 2010. It is bound to be an EXCITING adventure full of God’s miracles, grace and mercy. We would like to invite everyone to PARTNER and JOIN us on this trip, by PRAISING God for the many wonderful testimonies that will flow out from this trip, and by PRAYING for us and with us.

Our team consists of  – Raymond Seow, Julie Seow, Elijah Seow, Ho Huei Jing, Mary Kee, Megan Griffith

Itinerary summary

18 Sept – Arrive in Sibu
19 Sept – Hosting Sunday Service in Sibu Church
20 Sept – Leadership challenge seminar session 1 ; Individual Ladies/Men’s workshops Session 1 ; Leadership challenge seminar session 2 by Rev. Wong Kim Kong.
21 Sept – Leadership challenge seminar session 3 by Rev. Wong Kim Kong ; Combined Ladies and Men workshops session by Rev. Wong Kim King Kong ; Leadership challenge seminar session 4
22 Sept – Leadership challenge seminar session 5 ; Individual Ladies/Men’s workshops session 2 ; Celebration Night
23 Sept – Teams travelling to the various Longhouses ; Ministry to the Longhouses.
24 Sept – Teams congregate at Pastors Semilan’s house ; Depart for Kuching.
25 Sept – Meeting with Gempuru Besai Raban Iban ; Intercessory meeting with Christ Baptist Church
26 Sept – Hosting Sunday service in Christ Baptist Church
27 Sept – Last day of mission trip ; depart and head back home

Prayer points

1.  Pray for the team members including Rev.Wong Kim Kong who will be a guest speaker for the Iban leaders meetings. Please pray for health, safety, no emergencies, unity, etc etc
2.  Pray for effective ministries to the Iban leaders . The leaders need to really be touched by God so they can best help their communities. Pray for openness of spirit and wisdom.
3.  Pray for effective, constructive and inspired meetings with the Iban leaders regarding future projects .
4.  Pray for good ministry time to the Iban at the longhouses. There is usually a lot of ministry for people with physical and spiritual problems.
5. Please pray that we are sustained by God’s grace in the work as it is often very tiring. Pray for knowledge, insight and release of gifts of Holy Spirit to minister to their needs.
6. Please pray for Julie as she teaches the intercession group in Kuching.
7. Please pray for Megan during October as she stays on for an additional time to assist where needed. Please pray for wisdom and ability to form good relationships despite language and cultural barriers.
8. Pray for families left at home, for protection and good health.

Thank you for all your support, especially for your prayers. God bless!

The Sarawak 2010 mission team

Ps Roland and Ps Chris Field praying for the team

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