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Note of Thanks – 2009 Thailand Mission Team

It has been an exciting, rewarding and God-filled 10 days! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We hope that you will be blessed from reading about our trip. If you would like to know more about the trip, please feel free to approach anyone of us in the 2009 Thailand Missions Team. We would like to especially thank the following people for making this trip such an eventful one:

Nelson and Maryanne: For being such wonderful hosts and giving us exposure by having a glimpse of missionaries’ lives. For showing us that God moves through your faith and your love for the people in Thailand

FGAM Pastoral Team: For challenging us to take that bold leap of faith and for constantly encouraging us to model our lives after Jesus

Prayer Ministry: For constantly upholding us in prayer 

Missions Ministry: For your spiritual guidance and for supporting our trip. Special thanks to Uncle Raymond and Auntie Julie for your training sessions on missions and for equipping us with the knowledge and wisdom to embark on this journey.

FGAM Congregation:  For your support in our fundraising luncheon and for your generous donations towards this trip

Prue: For educating us on Compassion’s programs

Mink: For helping us overcome the language barriers between us and Project TH422

Project TH422: For your hospitality and dedication in building up believers in young children

Thank you very much for everything!

God bless, 2009 Thailand Mission Team


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Thailand Trip – 21 Dec 2009, Monday

Today marks the last day of our mission trip. Before heading off to the airport, we met two Leadership Development Program (LDP) students for lunch. LDP students are University students sponsored under the Compassion program.

Over lunch, we chatted with the students about their dreams and aspirations. One of them is a nursing student who has been under Compassion sponsorship since young. She shared her testimony on how the Compassion program has brought her to Jesus, and subsequently resulted in her mother’s salvation. Even though the nursing pay in Bangkok is much more attractive, she wants to work in her village and contribute to the healthcare of people in her hometown.

The other LDP student is in the Engineering faculty. He is one of the only Christians in his University. However, his faith has kept him away from the temptations of drugs and violence, a problem that persists amongst many of his peers. Everyday, he faces the fear of being beaten up by other students but his faith has kept him strong. He told us that this would not have been possible if not for Jesus. He hopes to be the light in his university and through his faith and love manifested into actions, to eventually bring his friends and coursemates to know Jesus. He also wants to work in his hometown and improve the infrastructure of houses in the slum areas.

Our God is truly an amazing God. He provides for those who yearn to show others the beauty of His kingdom. He rewards those who are humble. Like these LDP students, we have to humble ourselves before God and seek His glory in order to be the light of this world. We are incredibly blessed to hear the testimonies of these two humble servants of God and we pray that they will persist in their attitude of obedience in seeking God’s plans.

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Thailand Trip – 20 Dec 2009, Sunday

Before service, we taught the children Christmas songs and the story of five loaves and two fish. We then proceeded to join the rest of the congregation for service. The worship session was extremely powerful! It was a good combination and catered to the children. Not only was there singing, there was also dancing amongst people of the congregation. Michael was then invited to share his testimony on giving thanks. He thanked God for healing him during the worship session at BJD. Through this experience, he shared that he has gotten to know God at a more intimate level in his heart. We also performed two items for the congregation. One of it was the Thai song we had learnt in BJD- Christmas Penwala. The crowd was supportive despite some mispronunciations of the lyrics.

Finally, the Pastor shared his message on the importance of Christmas. Thank God again for Ming, who translated his message to us in English. We were reminded of God’s gift of love to us and Jesus’ special birth on this day. We were also reminded that Jesus was much more important than the presents we receive on Christmas day.  It was extremely heartening to visit the Sunday Service at TH 422. Although the congregation was small, we noticed that it was comprised mostly of children and elderly. Most of the elderly were wheelchair bound. Here, we truly felt God’s desire to reach out to the poor, the needy and the sick in the world. Let us continue to keep TH 422 in prayer.

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Thailand Trip – 19 Dec 2009, Saturday

We started the day at the project by organising games for the children. This was our first time running activities for the children and a test of our faith. We felt extremely blessed to have such a good translator on our team! The children did not understand English and Ming stepped in to bridge the communication divide between our team and the children.  We played a few games and taught the children a few Christian songs. They were surprisingly responsive. God has been incredibly faithful in opening the hearts of these children to our songs and games. In fact, we even came up with an impromptu skit based on the Nativity Scene. Even though we had no practice beforehand, every one in the team adapted well to the situation and came up with actions on the spot to entertain the children. God has shown us the importance of flexibility in unpredictable situations. He has also shown us the importance of flexibility when ministering to a group of people of a different cultural and social background. Thank God for those additional moments of sharing where we got to bond as a team. Thank God also for our team spirit that we managed to pull off an impromptu skit!

Later in the afternoon, we visited Ming Fung’s sponsor child. Sue Ann had made this child cry on our first day of arrival and was worried that he would not be happy to see her again. We learnt however from this visit that he had cried because of love and not because of fear. Sue Ann had hugged him when she first met him. The boy had been abandoned by his parents and had never been hugged. When Sue Ann hugged him, he started crying because he felt loved. We were glad to witness God’s love for these children manifesting in little actions performed by members of the team.

Thank God for Sue Ann’s faithfulness and her love for children. It has really opened our eyes up to the meaning of love. Everyone felt so saddened by this boy’s story that we all agreed to the benefits of sponsoring a child. Serene especially was encouraged by this incident. She has her own sponsor child and though he is not from Thailand, it has given her an insight to how her financial contributions to her sponsor child can make such a huge difference. Kevin shared that these visitations have also revealed the importance of building a relationship between sponsor and child. Even simple things like writing letters to your sponsored child are acts of love. They are opportunities to show these children that we love them because God loves all of us.

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Thailand Trip – 18 Dec 2009, Friday

We officially started work with TH422 today. In the morning, we helped staff of TH422 clean the garden. The guys cleared the weeds with a hoe while the girls raked them and collected them in a pile to be burnt. It was a good two hours of labour under the hot sun. Jon later shared that this experience has given him a greater appreciation of what true labour is. He encouraged all of us to step out of our comfort zones and allow for God to use us in areas we are not familiar with. Even though we were not accustomed to clearing weeds and performing manual labour, we should be open to exploring and seeing God’s works in areas we are unfamiliar. This would give us a greater appreciation of God’s diversity and a bigger picture of what His Kingdom has to offer.

Later in the day, we visited some of the children sponsored by the people of FGA. We were exposed to the poverty that these children were experiencing and got to hear of their stories. Most of these children live with their grandparents because they had been abandoned at birth.  We felt incredibly sad for them and everyone stepped up in praying for the conditions of these children to improve. We also prayed for the health of their grandparents, and most importantly for these households to come to know Jesus.

We also visited a local school in the area and played with the students. Sue Ann arranged English classes for the grade three and grade four students. Under her guidance, we taught them English words in the form of songs.

At night, we had dinner with one of the school teachers. She thanked us for helping the students and said it gave them an opportunity to learn English in a much more creative form. Kevin shared that he was touched by the teacher’s dedication in educating her students. He encouraged her not to be disheartened by the lack of opportunities of these students. A teacher with her sort of dedication would make a huge impact on a student’s life and he believes she is already making a different. The partnership between TH422 and Compassion showed him how God uses different organisations to the collective benefit of the underprivileged. Without the mutual cooperation of Compassion, TH 422 and the local school, the students would have lesser opportunities of receiving God’s blessings and knowing of His Kingdom.

Michael saw the potential in these children and asked the teacher if there were any other ways he could help. She said that the school would benefit from volunteers and invited us to come back and assist the students in their studies. We ended the night by praying for this teacher. Thank God for educators like her who are willing to dedicate their lives to shaping and moulding the future of the later generations!

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Thailand Trip – 17 Dec 2009, Thursday

We bade Nelson and Maryanne farewell today before leaving for TH 422 with the Compassion Project.  On the way to TH 422, we sang worship songs and practiced the new Thai song we had just learnt the night before.  Ming our translator said it was heartening to know that God’s presence was amongst our team.

When we reached TH422 we were warmly received by staff of the project and were introduced to the church Pastor. Dim, the project’s director gave us a short introduction of the church’s partnership with Compassion. She said that they had been praying for five years for a partnership with Compassion. It was by God’s grace that this prayer came to fruition and that the children of TH 422 have benefited from sponsors overseas.

At night, we shared our thoughts on the mission trip thus far.  Jon revealed that God had shown him through Nelson and Maryanne’s work in Bangkok that missions is a lifestyle.  By witnessing their work firsthand in Bangkok, he has come to see how building relations with the people around the area is a step towards sharing the gospel with other non-believers. Serene’s highlight of the trip was worship night with the BJD students. There, she felt the strong presence of God despite the language barriers and got to soak in His love.  For Sue Ann, she was reminded of good memories from serving in Kids Ministry from a brief introduction to the kids of TH 422 earlier that day.

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Thailand Trip – 16 Dec 2009, Wednesday

Today was our last day in Bangkok before heading off to visit the Compassion Project at TH 422.

In the morning, we visited another slum area with Nelson and Maryanne. The occupants of this area were mostly elderly people. Some of them did not have children and were living by themselves. The team prayed for the old and the ill there. We prayed for an old lady who could not walk. We also prayed for two blind men who had lost their vision. These two men had already accepted Jesus as their saviour. We were touched by their willingness to walk by faith and not by sight for Jesus.  One of the men who was staying by himself did his quiet time by listening to worship tapes and tape recordings of the Bible provided by the ministry for the old in Bangkok. We thank God for his visual clarity to see Jesus and ask that FGAM continue to keep these people in their prayers.

At night, the team joined the students at BJD for Christmas carolling around the area. We also visited a few slums and sang Christmas songs to the people living there. The students of BJD were so alive for Jesus that they sang with their hearts out even as we were travelling from one place to another in the truck. Our voices were so loud that they reached the people walking along the streets.  We also got to learn of a few new songs in Thai. Christmas Penwala quickly became a hot favourite with members of our team and the BJD students helped us with the Thai translation of the words. We were also surprised by the generosity of the homes we visited. Although the people living in the slum areas were poor, they offered us food and drinks and showed us such hospitality.

We also witnessed the incredible work of God when we visited some of the non-Christian homes that Nelson and Maryanne were friendly with. Nelson and Maryanne’s love for their neighbours around this area was so strong that the members of these homes did not mind us visiting late at night with Christmas songs. It was an amazing night. We learnt that reaching out to non-Christians requires the faithfulness of God and a loving persistent attitude towards others. We thank God for Nelson and Maryanne’s love towards their neighbours and their burning passion to raise disciples out of the students in BJD.  Please continue to keep them in prayer.

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Hi everyone.

The team will be heading to the Compassion areas today. It is highly unlikely that there would be internet, hence we would probably not be able to update the blog for the next 5 or 6 days. We would endeavour to update it as soon as possible.

Also, please note that we have updated some of the past blogs with more details… =)

God bless,

Thailand mission team

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Thailand Trip – 15 Dec 2009, Tuesday

At 9am today, we met up to share about our experiences the past few days. It was a good bonding session and everyone talked about different aspects of their spiritual walk with God and the things He has revealed to us during the trip. Later, we met Nelson and Maryanne for a visit to a few huts in the slums. We were taken to a slum area in Thailand with only four Christians living there. One of the Christians was previously a witch doctor and she invited us into her house to pray for Christian revival in her slum and her granddaughter who was experiencing a massive headache. This granddaughter is called View. She is an incredibly intelligence young girl and has performed very well in school. Please pray for her headaches to go away and for God to use her intelligence for His Kingdom. According to Maryanne, View is the only young girl who joins the adults bible classes regularly.

The next houses we visited belonged to an old grandmother and another family. God’s presence in these houses was especially strong. We started speaking in tongues and laying hands on them. The presence of God in these areas was so strong that the people we prayed for started crying. They were touched by God through His words of love that were put to our mouth as we prayed for their health, family and spiritual walk with Him. Although we prayed for them in English which they did not understand, somehow God’s touch came through and touched them. Even those on our team was blessed by the experience, as God’s presence came so strongly that even some on our own team cried!

In the evening, it was worship night at BJD. The worship was lead by a band of about 7 or 8 students, headed by Honda. The worship session was thoroughly an incredible time of worship where God’s presence was really strong. Our team agreed that it was one of the best worship they ever had. Makes one wonder about how heaven will be like. The Thais were very extravagant in their worship. Some knelt down and some cried during worship, but most of them sang as loud as possible and danced.

After worship, the girls- Rebecca, Su Vien and Serene- got to share their testimony. We thoroughly enjoyed the worship with God’s presence lingered even after that, that the 3 girls who shared their testimony found it easier to share and the people more responsive because of God’s presence.

We also had a miraculous healing in our team. God’s presence during worship was so alive that Michael felt compelled to act by the Holy Spirit. With a leap of faith, he knelt down and started worshipping God. For the past four days, Michael had been experiencing pain in his ankle area and bending down would cause strain to his injury. Surprisingly, when he bent down and pray, he no longer felt the pain and was able to dedicate his time and focus to worshipping God. After worship, Michael stood up and no longer felt the pain. He is now able to walk properly without limping. Praise God for the anointing of the Thai worship team and for healing Michael of his injury.

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Thailand Trip – 14 Dec 2009, Monday

After a peaceful night of rest, we woke up this morning ready to embark on our prayer walk around the BJD area. Before embarking on the walk, we shared about our experiences the past few days and how it had impacted our individual walks with God. Everyone got to know more about each other and what God was doing from this personal sharing session. We then met up with Nelson and Maryanne, who took us around the different ministries in the BJD area, from the performing arts ministries to the administration side of YWAM. They introduced us to the different places of ministry and described what it was like to reach out to the Thais living in the area, as well as how some of the full time staff came to know the Lord. While walking along the streets of these places, we did short quiet prayers for the people here.

Next we headed back to the BJD house and participated in the prayer meeting led by the boys and girls living there. Although the prayer session was led in Thai, we prayed from our hearts and felt a strong spiritual presence amongst our presence. We started singing along to the Thai worship songs and prayed for the people living in the house. They in turn prayed for us and for our activities in Thailand.

When evening came, it was “Family Time” for BJD, which meant worship and games time for all residents of BJD. One of the boys, Manit, led the worship session in Thai music. Everyone sang along in unison to the strumming of his guitar. Kevin also led a few worship songs in English. Despite the language barriers, we felt a strong desire burning for God in the worship and were deeply touched by God’s presence in this place. We attempted to sing some Thai worship songs, while the Thais attempted to sing English worship songs with us. Although we could not understand each other’s languages, but we were still singing in unison, Praise God for singing in tongues. In actuality, it was sort of a glimpse of what Heaven would be like, when all nations and all tribes will worship God. We then proceeded to introduce a naming game to the boys and girls of BJD.

Sue Ann initiated the game, accompanying it with action. Everyone else went down the line introducing his/her name with an action, after they had repeated the names of the ones before them. It was good fun and everyone had a good laugh with the spontaneous actions of the boys and girls of BJD. We were then served fruits by the boys and girls and spent some time talking to them before heading back to bed. Here, we witnessed God’s work in breaking cultural barriers through the Kingdom of Christ. With one common desire for God, the team and the Thai students at BJD were able to bridge cultural differences and initial communication barriers through simple words and actions. Our God is not only a loving God but also a creative God!

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