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Sarawak Mission Trip – 22, 23, 24th September

Back from the Longhouses

Update from FGAM Team on 24th Sept 2010, Friday

Before the trip to the longhouses, we had a night healing meeting at the Sibu Jaya Baptist Church (22nd September). It was a definite highlight of the trip so far. Raymond spoke on the types of peace that God gives, and people responded for ministry. As we ministered to the people, the power of the Holy Spirit broke through, and it was fantastic. Particularly, the youth were impacted, as God was greatly touching and healing deep brokenness. It was such a joy to see God move so wonderfully.

It is the padi planting season now. The following morning (23rd September), we went to bless Cikgu Barita, a church elder, as they planted the first rice seeds on a newly cleared section of land. It was an adventure for some, as the heavy rains the night before, presented us with challenges, especially to walk on the highly clay soil.

After a late brunch, we left for the long houses, which were about one hour away, on the river Rajang. We met Pastor Greman’s parents and revisited Rumah Ulu Kabar, traveling in a Sampan along the river. There we chatted to the adults, enjoyed freshly harvested coconuts and Elijah played with the children.

In the evening, we stayed at Rumah Saleh, a long house with 15 families. Here, about 45 of us met for the evening meal, followed by talks from Huei Jing and Raymond with Mary and Elijah sharing their testimonies. After the sharing, we ministered to the families that came forward for prayer. We were also encouraged to learn, that a lady had been healed after prayer by last year’s team.  Prior to prayer, she could not get up without two ladies helping her. After prayer, she was able to get up by herself, and more than one year later she is still fit and actively working in the rice field. Puji Tuhan! (English Translation: Praise God!)

Today (24th September), we fly to the capital of Sarawak, Kuching, for ministry with Pastor Greman at Christ Baptist Church. Julie will be teaching the intercessors and has requested prayer for them to enter the glory realm and experience the Holy of Holies, which is also a desire of the Senior Pastor’s heart. Please pray also that God will move in the Sunday service, where Raymond will once again share on the peace of God.

Thanks again for your interest in our trip and partnership in the gospel.


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